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AmSurg's Physician Services Division, Sheridan, Acquires Valley

Anesthesiology & Pain Consultants in Phoenix, Arizona

Sheridan, the Physician Services Division of AmSurg Corp. (Nasdaq:

AMSG), today announced its acquisition of Valley Anesthesiology & Pain

Consultants, which will expand its anesthesiology services business and

strengthen AmSurg's presence in Phoenix, Arizona. Valley is one of the

largest independent anesthesiology practices in the country, and

provides anesthesiology and pain management services through over 240

physicians and 38 allied health providers to 21 hospitals - including

nine of the 10 largest hospitals - as well as 25 ambulatory surgery

centers and a number of physicians' offices in the greater Phoenix


Aubrey Maze, MD and CEO of Valley commented, "Valley has a long track

record of success built upon our providers' commitment to delivering the

best possible care to patients and providing innovative solutions to our

hospital and outpatient clients. With AmSurg / Sheridan, we found a

partner that is committed to expanding our platform, has an established

complementary presence in the Phoenix market and extends the solution

set we can offer to our clients. They also embrace a physician-led

culture very similar to our own. We believe the combination will enable

access to the greater resources now required by our rapidly changing

healthcare delivery system and that it will facilitate growth and

expanded opportunities for our providers and employees."

Robert J. Coward, President of Physician Services, added, "We are proud

that Valley has chosen Sheridan as its partner. In an increasingly

complex and demanding healthcare environment, we believe Sheridan can

provide Valley the expertise, resources, and physician-centric culture

needed to successfully expand their operations, as well as to continue

providing their patients the highest quality of care."

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the

meaning of the federal securities laws, including statements that are

based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve

risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to

differ materially. Forward-looking statements relate to expectations,

beliefs, projections, future plans and strategies, anticipated events or

trends and similar expressions concerning matters that are not

historical facts.

In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by the use of

forward-looking terminology such as "may," "will," "should," "expects,"

"intends," "plans," "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," or

"predicts," or the negative of these words or phrases or similar words

or phrases, which are predictions of or indicate future events or trends

and which do not relate solely to historical matters. While

forward-looking statements reflect the Company's good faith beliefs,

assumptions and expectations, they are not guarantees of future

performance. Furthermore, the Company disclaims any obligation to

publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement to reflect

changes in underlying assumptions or factors, new information, data or

methods, future events or other changes. Certain risks and uncertainties

related to the Company's business are or will be described in greater

detail in the Company's filings with the SEC. The information set forth

herein what is pain management doctor should be read in light of such risks.

About AmSurg and Sheridan

AmSurg's Ambulatory Services Division acquires, develops and operates

ambulatory surgery centers in partnership with physicians throughout the

U.S. AmSurg's Physician Services Division, Sheridan, provides outsourced

physician services in multiple specialties to hospitals, ASCs and other

healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., primarily in the areas of

anesthesiology, children's services, emergency medicine and radiology.

Through these businesses as of September 30, 2015, AmSurg owned and

operated 253 ASCs in 34 states and provided physician services to more

than 360 healthcare facilities in doctors pain management 27 states. AmSurg has partnerships

with, or employs, over 5,000 physicians in 38 states back pain doctor and the District of


View source version on businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20151103005603/en/

AmSurg Corp.

Claire M. Gulmi, 615-665-1283

Executive Vice

President and Chief Financial Officer

N. Gogol, Russian Playwright, Short-Story Writer Gogol, 19th century Russian novelist, short-story writer and playwright, is famous for his masterpiece, Dead Souls. He began his fame from folk tales including Taras Bulba, made popular by a 1962 film starring Yul Brynner. Gogols work transitioned from pure Romanticism to Realism.Early Life of Nikolai Gogole

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was born in Sorochintsy in the Ukraine into a well-to-do landowning family. He went to St. Petersburg to look for a job after leaving school. He already published a book by the time he was 20-years-old.

He worked as a civil service best revision rhinoplasty surgeon clerk, but hated this job. He then became a college lecturer in history, something he had no knowledge of nor the skills to succeed. In over a year, he eventually resigned. Having started writing young, he was able to establish himself as a writer of Ukrainian tales and plays.

Dead Souls and Other Work

Many of his stories have a nightmarish element. One of his plays, The Inspector General, intended to ridicule the Russian government, was heavily criticized for its grotesque satirical style. The furious Gogol left the country, but the play was a brilliant piece of work.

By the time he was 31-years-old, Gogol produced his satirical epic Dead Souls, his longest short-story, which was a great success. Considered his masterpiece, it is read widely all over the world. The hero is a conman who tries to get rich quick by buying and selling serfs, peasants who were treated as slaves by landowners.

Later in his life Gogol became mentally unstable. Dismayed by criticisms of his work, he turned to religion for spiritual support and lived mainly in Rome from 1836 to 1848 where he completed the first part of his major work Dead Souls, the one published, and the short-story The Overcoat.

Insights on Gogol and His Final Years

Nikolai Gogol was one of a small group of outstanding Russian novelists of the 19th century who tried to expose the injustices of life in Russia, in particular, its effect on the life of the "underdog." His masterpiece Dead Souls, an epic short-story fiction shows great influence from 18th century writer Laurence Sterne. Gogol was a contemporary and an acquaintance of Aleksander Pushkin.

The last ten years of Gogol's life was spent writing the second part of Dead Souls which was destroyed before publication. He burned manuscripts, and developed a religious mania with visions. He often believed that he was about to be attacked so he walked sideways with his back to a wall. He eventually returned to Moscow, where he starved himself to death. Gogol died at the age of 43, March 4, 1852.

Works by Nikolai GogolHans Kchelgarten, 1829Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka, 1831-1832Arabesques, 1835Taras Bulba, 1835Mirgorod, 1835Diary of a Madman, and Other Stories, 1835The Nose, 1836The Inspector General, 1836, playDead Souls, 1842The Overcoat, 1842The Marriage, 1842Sources:

Goring, Rosemary, Ed. Larousse Dictionary of Writers. New York: Larousse, 1994.

McGovern, Una, Ed. Chambers Biographical Dictionary. Edinburgh: Chambers Harrap Publishers, 2002.

Payne, Tom. The A-Z of Great Writers. London: Carlton, 1997.

It certainly isnt easy running a small business, is it?

You work long hours, take few (if any) holidays, and you bear the full responsibility for the overall success of your company. Your family and employees all look to you to make the business a success.

That is a lot of pressure.

This means you always have to keep looking for new and inventive ways to improve your bottom line profitability, and take seo services usa your small business to new heights.

Most business owners agree that effective marketing would be a big help to their business. However, what puts them off is that they mistakenly think that hiring a marketing consultant will cost a lot of money and that they cannot afford it.

That isnt always the case. In this issue, we are going to look at various ways you can put an effective marketing plan into action without it costing an arm and a legand you will also discover some very effective FREE ways to get much needed publicity for your business.

The article will be a good reference guide to effective marketing. Your business will grow as a result if you put them into action.


Most small local businesses focus all their marketing efforts on paid advertising or sales activities. This is totally understandable and is generally a good investment if its done well. However, a lot of businesses are struggling financially at the moment, so this article will cover the internet marketing training most overlooked weapon in a small businesss marketing arsenal: FREE PUBLICITY.

How do you get free publicity?

Easy. Be known as the expert and authority in your field.

Despite what you might think, being recognized as an expert in the media is a very attainable goal in fact you are probably already well qualified to do this, particularly if you have been in the business for a number of years. But even if you havent been in business long, the chances are that you have done a lot of market research and choosing your business wasnt a decision you came into lightly.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, the benefits to your business can be awesome. If you have a solid market position but need more exposure and credibility to help your business grow, you can do this easily by investing some time and effort into generating publicity for your business through the media. If you do this, you are sure to reap the financial rewards.

When it comes to local news, theres no reason a small business cant compete with a business ten times its size. In fact, its fair to say that local news outlets like TV stations and newspapers are biased in favor of small local business owners like yourself, so you already have an advantage.


Think about the last time you watched your local TV news. There would have been the usual variety of depressing stories about car accidents, house fires and the economy. But there were also stories highlighting local issues. The people in these type of Local News stories are usually people from the community appearing on camera to offer a comment.

For example, when the holiday season rolls around, a local reporter will often visit a local retailer to ask how busy it is and if their profits will be on target to beat the previous years takings. They might also consult another local trader who may have a different opinion on how busy it is, or perhaps to give some basic shopping reminders. Then they will interview various members of the public to ask them how busy it is and if they have all of their shopping done. They may also interview a local police officer to remind people not to drink too much during the holiday period, especially if they are driving.

Think about that for a moment; three LOCAL residents or business people all received valuable free exposure on a well-watched local newscast, and all they had to do was talk about what they do everyday.

That scenario is not unusual and you can probably think of many more examples. You might even remember a news item that featured on the news today.

Its called publicity, and its probably the best marketing weapon a local businessperson has to get added exposure for their company at no cost.

But how do these people get on air or in print? Surely they must know somebody, right? Actually, no.

When you watch a news-related show and they consult an expert, chances are that person is no more an expert in their field than you are in yours. They got on air by simply pitching the story idea to the station or making contact with the local reporter or news station.

The local newscast is on every week night and quite often over a weekend. It doesnt matter whether or not there was one hours worth of news during the day; they still have to fill the airtime.

On slow news days, news reporters are looking for local stories that will appeal to a wide audience, just like the one I mentioned above; one that they can put together without a lot of research or effort.

The same is true of newspapers. Reporters often need to generate a story idea for tomorrows paper, and they would jump all over a good local story that is of interest to a wide audience but not as time sensitive as, say, a local disaster.

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